Racing Future is determined to inspire a new generation of fans to enjoy the sport of horse racing.

About Horse Racing

Sport of Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the world's oldest sports which, historically, was enjoyed by a broad spectrum of fans and participants. Times have changed from the heyday of racing when 1000s would flock to the racetrack to take part in the excitement particularly if it was for a big race.

Connecting People and Horses Through Education

Although horse racing currently faces many challenges, at Racing Future we are determined to motivate and inspire a new generation of fans and participants and ensure that racing has a future around the world. We believe we can help connect everyone to their rural roots and to our rich horse racing history through education which is why we are curating and creating a number of FAQs, resources, and explanatory articles. It is our hope that you will get answers to any questions you have and come on out to enjoy the races!

Ask About Horse Racing

If you are new to racing, just curious, and looking for information this site is for you. We will be trying to provide as many resources as possible. However, we know that the sport of horse racing can seem confusing at times so please feel free ask us anything. Get in touch via email, our contact form, or through one of our Social Media channels. We will do our best to respond as quickly as we can. 

Getting in the Game

Becoming a horse player
Guide to bettng at the track
Reading and understanding a race program
Using handicapping software for horse racing betting
Isn't horse racing just for rich people?
Horse racing clubs and venues around the world


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