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Horses and Human Health

Horse Boy Foundation: Equine Therapy Helps Autistic Children

When Sheryl Barto saw the movie “Horse Boy,” it struck a deep chord, and she knew she had to get involved.
The movie chronicles an autistic boy and his family’s journey to Mongolia to visit a shaman in search of a cure for autism. But more important to Barto, the story is about how horses opened a line of communication between the boy and his family, she said.

Transitions In Stride Offers EAGALA-Based Therapy

Susanne Riemer of New IpswichThere’s more than one way to corral a horse. But what does the method we use tell us about ourselves?

Susanne Riemer of New Ipswich is a clinical social worker. Most of her career has been spent in an office, seeing one client after another.

Four Equine Therapies for Human Mental Health

Many people find recreational horseback riding pleasurable and relaxing.  However, many individuals are unaware that there’s a therapeutic form of horseback riding [often integrated with psychotherapy] called “equine assisted therapy.”  In recent years equine therapy has garnered attention as a potential intervention for the treatment of PTSD, troubled youth, and even autism spectrum disorders.

Play Unified Racing for Special Olympics

What’s in a name? In the case of Bona Venture Stable’s Louisiana-bred filly by Exchange Rate named Play Unified, there’s plenty.

Healing Horses: The Therapy of Horseback Riding

Healing Horses: The Therapy of Horseback RidingFor 30 years, the Comox Valley Therapeutic Riding Society has addressed needs of physically, mentally and emotionally challenged residents of our community.

University professor studies complex relationship between horses and humans

Horses and humans have had an interesting and complex bond for centuries, but a New Mexico State University professor wants to explore that bond by researching whether a horse’s heartbeat synchronizes with the heartbeat of its rider. NMSU associate professor Marcel Montañez spends time with Winchester at the NMSU stables near “A” Mountain. Montañez is researching the bond between horses and humans, specifically if a horse’s heartbeat synchronizes with the heartbeat of its rider. 

Horses and Human Health: "A journey to see horses as healers"

Healing Horses Jenny SeagraveDaisy was found wandering the streets of Chessington, in Surrey. Gwen and Phyllis were both abandoned while pregnant on nearby Send Common. Ocean is frightened of women. Ernie had bitten a man’s face and was full of anger. ''I shouldn’t have a favourite,’’ says actress Jenny Seagrove, pointing out some of the 24 horses grazing in the shelter of the surrounding Surrey Hills.

Horses and Human Health: equine therapy and science

Horse therapyThe idea that animals possess healing powers has been present in human lore since our hunter-gatherer days, but the first documented use of animals for therapeutic purposes wasn’t until 18th century England.

Horses and Human Health: Tiny Horse will have a Big Impact

Horses and Human Health - HopeEven for a miniature horse, Itty Bitty Hope is pretty small. Her height at birth -- just 14 inches -- was tied with the record of the smallest horse on record, according to her owners.
And while being tiny may not always be seen as a positive, for a horse who will spend her life as a therapy animal, it couldn't be better.

Equine Therapy offers new definition of "Horse Power"

Equine Therapy offers new definition of "Horse Power"When Helen Sorensen hears the phrase "horse power", she thinks of mental health, not fast cars.Equine ability is being harnessed (sometimes literally) at Equine Alliance, Mrs Sorensen's Palmwoods farm, to provide a unique therapy helping people of all ages