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Horses and Human Health

Stanford's Connected Horse Project Studies Early Dementia Treatments

As a kid growing up in rural Minnesota, I spent many of my waking hours searching for a reason to be near the five horses that roamed the 40 acres behind our house. Their methodical munching and tail-swishing put me at ease and learning how to ride a 1,200-pound animal that could easily wipe me off on a fence post taught me much of what I know about courage and persistence.

San Diego Animal Center Offers Therapeutic Riding Program

For Gretchen Davis, horseback riding is more than a recreational activity: It’s a treatment option that helps people with disabilities become stronger, healthier and more independent.

Davis is program manager of the therapeutic riding program at Helen Woodward Animal Center, where she teaches kids and adults with autism, muscular disorders and other conditions to ride specially trained horses.

Horses That Heal Doc to Screen at Coronado Island Fest

Horses that Heal is an 8 minute documentary that examines the impact of horses in healing wounded warriors returning from service, as well as local children with disabilities. The interviews of the wounded vets are particularly emotional, as they describe what they experienced at war before coming to Cornerstone. 

Pilot Studies Underway to Formally Assess Human/Equine Therapies

NMSU Studying Equine TherapiesEquine-assisted psychotherapy is known to help people address mental and behavioral health issues, but there remains little evidence-based research to prove it.

Horses Prove Ideal as Human Leadership Tutors

For the past 8,000 years, horses have accelerated human development, ploughing our fields and carrying our goods. Today, we no longer require their muscle power. Instead, we need their intuition and wisdom for the more subtle challenges of mastering soft skills and becoming authentic leaders.

Leaders who can’t harness intelligence in body and brain — head, heart and gut aligned together — are at a distinct disadvantage in today’s complex and volatile business environment. Horses are exceptionally well suited to guide a learning process that facilitates this. 

Tim Hayes on his Book - The Power of Horses to Heal

Tim Hayes and Santa HorseWhen I set out to write RIDING HOME ~ The Power of Horses to Heal I wanted to share about the profound emotional healing one can experience from today's equine therapy. I also wanted people to discover the joy, empowerment and self-awareness they could receive by simply having a relationship with horse.

Veteran Barn Door Project Helping America's Vets

Veteran Barn Door ProjectLocal war veterans are learning to overcome PTSD and traumatic brain injuries by working with horses through the Veteran Barn Door Project, a nonprofit organization.

“When I returned from Afghanistan in 2010, I had some serious PTSD,” said Steven DePalma, founder of the Veteran Barn Door Project. “I didn’t know it at the time. I was suffering from what’s known as survivor’s guilt.”

Riding Therapies Offered at Huntington Beach Equestrian Center

Eddie Brennan is all charged up. The 4-year-old, who is autistic, has already raced through a puddle, and he writhes as his nanny struggles to remove his shoes and socks.

But when Brennan climbs on the back of Kattie, a dark bay therapy horse, something magical happens.

The kinetic little boy melts into the horse, contented and somehow soothed. He sits or lies on its back — even rides backward. It’s as if he has a connection to the horse.

Otra Mas EAP Program is Changing Lives

May with a HorseAs a professional ballroom dancer and teacher, Shelly May was accustomed to being the center of attention.

The glare of the spotlight, the flamboyant costumes donned during competition, the students who followed every stomp of her feet and swing of the hips. It all suited the self-described "mover and shaker" with an infectious personality to a tee.

Rebel Equi-Learning: Horses Teaching Humans

Rebel Equi-LearningRENNER, S.D. -Professional development is an important process for every working man and woman to go through to help them become better leaders in the workplace and communicate effectively with coworkers.