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Horses and Human Health

Horses helping veterans to heal: "I'm grateful every day"

Mark Moran found himself in the Del Mar paddock for the first time on the second weekend of November—cane, wooden leg, eye patch, and all. It was on his bucket list. The trip south from his home in Washington state was a gift of sorts from his cousin, Boone McCanna. Moran, 66, is riddled with cancer—untreatable adenoid cystic carcinoma—but he's not overly concerned. "I'm going to live until I die," Moran says. "I should have died in Vietnam, and I've had 47 years since then, had a family—six grandkids—and I'm grateful every day."

‘My horse saved my life’ says teen rider later diagnosed with heart condition

‘My horse saved my life’ says teen rider later diagnosed with heart conditionA 17-year-old student believes her horse may have “saved her life” after an undiagnosed heart condition caused her to lose consciousness in a field. Jemima Lailey was bringing in her six-year-old ex-racehorse Matrix (pictured) on October 30 when she collapse

Horses do help people heal

Horses helping people Since 2014, Darlene Chalmers, assistant professor in the Faculty of Social Work and her colleague Colleen Dell from the Department of Sociology and School of Public Health at the University of Saskatchewan, have been looking at the effectiveness of horse therapy on individuals.

Horses and Human Health: horses helping young cancer patients

Kaia Carroll pets a horse.  CBS NEWSIn New Jersey, a little girl who has been battling cancer is starting third-grade this week, after she couldn’t go to school last year. Kaia Carroll recently discovered the healing power of horses, and said she hasn’t had this much fun in months. The eight-year-old has a rare form of Leukemia. The last year of her life has been a blur of doctors, hospitals and chemotherapy.

Horse therapy helps treat body and mind

Horse therapy helps treat body and mindCROWNSVILLE, Md. — Lana Robinson’s short-term memory has been weakened from Alzheimer’s, but her childhood memories of horseback riding remain intact. Today at 62, Mrs. Robinson rides Chrissy with ease. A volunteer and instructor walk along her left, and another volunteer is at her right, but Mrs.

Horses help residents during hospital rehabilitation centre visit

The bond between patient and horse formed instantly when Trigger and his equine pals paid the Regional Rehabilitation Centre a visit. "They're beautiful horses," said Robert (Gibby) Gibson while feeding Trigger a piece of apple at Hamilton General Hospital on Tuesday. "I can't get over how good they are."

Equine therapy provides needed peace and quiet

Equine Therapy ROCK CITY, Ill. — Rising Star Farm appears to be much like many others from the narrow gravel roadway. But looks can be deceiving. A special home for 10 dogs, 22 cats, cattle, chickens and 17 horses, the farm is a haven for critters — and people — in need.

Horses Helping Cancer Survivors in Colorado

Equine Therapy for Cancer SurvivorsMolly Theresa is a local celebrity. The miniature donkey has achieved minor fame due to her appearances in nearby nativity scenes. But this is only a seasonal job. For the rest of the year, Molly Theresa is a therapy animal for Mule Creek Therapeutic Riding Center, southeast of Roggen. Her role on the ranch just got bigger.

Horses Nurture Human Clients at Shayna Meadows

Shayna Meadows Horses Helping HumansHorses have been carrying human burdens for centuries, and the task is transitioning from a physical burden to a mental one through equine assisted therapy. It’s been a practice since the Ancient Greeks, and was further developed in Europe in the 1960s. Relatively new in the U.S., equine assisted therapy can help depression, anxiety and substance abuse.