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Horses and Human Health

Horses helping humans: equine therapy helps child injured during Haitian earthquake

Horses helping humans: horse therapy helps child injured during Haitian earthquakePort-Au-Prince, Haiti --Judeley Hans Debel runs as fast as his prosthetic leg can take him when he arrives at a Haitian equestrian center. A riding session with his favorite horse is the highlight of his week.

Using horse training to guide the business elite towards enlightenment

Using horse training to guide the business elite towards enlightenmentLisa Arie has trained with horses for years, but her specialty is in training executives.The so-called "CEO whisperer" lives on 160 acres of Colorado plains, where since 2005, she and husband Jess have run an experiential learning center for CEOs, philanthropists, and entrepreneurs to unplug and discover h

Using equine therapy to help children with cognitive disabilities

Using equine therapy to help children with autism, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury and moreJessica Moore is a physical therapist assistant who wanted to focus her professional life on children with disabilities. She also is a horse lover. 

Special needs kids get leg up from healing horses

Special needs kids get leg up from healing horsesAn encounter in Harry Swimmer's local grocery store parking lot changed his life more than 20 years ago. He met a girl in a wheelchair named Stacy. She was deaf and nonverbal. Swimmer learned she had cerebral palsy. It gave him an idea.

Horsepower: Horses can be friends, teachers and healers

Horse Power: horses helping peopleHorses are more than transportation, they can be friends, teachers and healers. No one knows that better than clinical psychologist Robert G. Magnelli. Magnelli uses horses in his practice. He calls the program Horsepower. Officially, it's called equine assisted psychotherapy and equine assisted learning.

Healing horses are "the magic vitamin”

Horse therapy with a guitarWhen Dr. Blair Barone-Rice added a handful of severely abused horses to her herd a year and a half ago, she never could have foreseen the dramatic impact the fragile horses would have on a group of equally fragile people.

Equine therapy helping inmates at county jail

Horses helping inmates through Equine TherapyThe discussion between four inmates and a trio of therapists was about personal space. "Somebody invades my space, I hit," said one of the inmates at the Berkshire County Jail and House of Correction.

Healing Through Equine Therapy

"This is a very effective therapy because it's integrative. It very nicely pulls together all the body, mind, spirit mechanisms and systems."

Posted by Racing Future on Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Horses helping veterans to heal: "I'm grateful every day"

Mark Moran found himself in the Del Mar paddock for the first time on the second weekend of November—cane, wooden leg, eye patch, and all. It was on his bucket list. The trip south from his home in Washington state was a gift of sorts from his cousin, Boone McCanna. Moran, 66, is riddled with cancer—untreatable adenoid cystic carcinoma—but he's not overly concerned. "I'm going to live until I die," Moran says. "I should have died in Vietnam, and I've had 47 years since then, had a family—six grandkids—and I'm grateful every day."

Horses helping veterans cope with PTSD