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Horses and Human Health

Equine Therapy helps injured soldiers heal at Fort Sam Houston

Soldier riding at Fort Sam HoustonHoof cleaning at Fort Sam Houston

"Horses Treat" Program offers equine assisted therapy


A new treatment program in Marathon County is using horses to help people who have problems.

It involves interacting with horses, much like a patient interacts with a doctor.

Jenna Saul and her husband started "Horses Treat" in 2012.

The program offers mental health services through physical interaction with horses.

"They are prey animals and we are predators, they are very aware of us, they read us, they mirror us," said Jenna Saul, Program Founder.

Horses help heal Canada’s veterans in unique Alberta program

Can Praxis, a program based in Rocky Mountain House, AB funded by Wounded Warriors Canada is designed to help returning soldiers overcome PTSD acquired during their service. The program is free to attend and incorporates the service person, family members and a horse.

Horses help with leadership training

CALGARY — There are many leadership training programs out there.

Nancy Lowery managed to come up with a unique, one-of-a-kind concept.

She started her company, the Natural Leader, in 2004.

“The business is leadership through horsemanship. We offer leadership learning experiences through putting people with horses,” she says.