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Horses and Human Health

Horse-riding program improved the social and communication skills of autistic children Sticky

The social interaction and communication skills of children with autism improved significantly under a therapeutic horse riding program, researchers report.

Horses help vets, first responders heal from the effects of PTSD

Edward Gilliard still suffers the effects of the combat wounds he received in the Vietnam War: His voice is a soft whisper, and his legs ache. But it was a daunting caseload as a career social worker in Philadelphia — years spent investigating child-abuse cases, working with adjudicated delinquents, and later supporting those with AIDS — that stirred back to life the trauma he had experienced in combat.

Helping veterans with PTSD in California

Horses helping veterans with PTSD“You get more self-aware because if you're angry the horse doesn't want to be by you. He's going to sense that it makes you become more self-aware about yourself and emotional state you're in...” An East [San Diego] County ranch is offering hope and healing to active duty military members, veterans and first responders suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

'Down the Stretch' Bond Between Horses, Vets a Win for Both

The place is located in Creston, Washington, about 50 miles west of Spokane. It encompasses 220 acres and is home to 30 retired Thoroughbred racehorses. It’s called Down the Stretch Ranch. Over the course of the last three years it has also been a place that has hosted approximately 100 U.S. military war veterans, all of them battling post-traumatic stress disorder, on stays ranging from two days to two weeks.

Horses for Heroes program for veterans and active-duty military personnel

U.S. Army veteran Brian Ray was sitting tall in the saddle of a palomino quarter horse at the Crossed Arrows Ranch south of Santa Fe. The combat vet, who had spent three decades in the military, including two tours in Iraq as an adviser, focused his heart, mind and body on his connection with the horse.

Ireland: horse therapy transforming lives of disabled children

Ireland: horse therapy transforming lives of disabled children Before meeting Smokey the pony, five-year-old Maisie Colhoun couldn't sit up properly and was barely able to walk but the Co Derry child, who has Down's Syndrome and cannot speak, has developed an extraordinary bond with the placid animal who has helped her and dozens of other children overcom

Therapeutic riding found to be clinically effective for troubled war veterans

Therapeutic horse riding is clinically effective in easing the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in military veterans, the findings of an American study suggest. The researchers also found that riding for longer appeared to improve the outcome for the troubled veterans.

Horse therapy helping women in prison find new roads

Horse therapy helping women in prison find new roadsOn a recent fall morning, four women inmates from Chester County Prison entered an indoor arena at the Thorncroft Equestrian Center and began to meet the duo who have been helping them navigate their way toward success outside of the prison walls. But Jubilee and Mia are not your traditional counselors or social workers.

How a horse is helping a military veteran deal with his PTSD

How a horse is helping a military veteran deal with his PTSDOwen McElroy says he spent years going to the doctor, trying to find out what was wrong with his hearing.