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Why Millennials Love EquiLottery: It’s Relevant, Authentic and Unpredictable

Why Millennials Love EquiLottery: It’s Relevant, Authentic and UnpredictableWhen you start on a journey to create a new lottery category out of whole cloth, predictability can’t be your thing. And relevancy must be at the core of what you do. Millennials apparently feel the same way about the products they buy. At least according to our study of 1,853 lottery and non-lottery players conducted by lottery market research leader Ipsos.
And what could be more relevant to this generation than the mobile phone? Millennials grew up with these devices as part of their day to day life. Unlike Generation X and the Baby Boomers before them, most Millennials don’t remember a life without one. And while many probably have recollections of the first Nokia phones (remember limited call plans and life before text messaging?) few from this crowd have spent any significant part of their adult lives without an Android or iPhone.
It should then be without surprise that they way over indexed on “I like the idea of using a mobile app to find out whether I won” when being tested on EquiLottery. To the tune of more than twice that of Baby Boomers and 27% more than their nearest Gen X rivals to be precise. Considering the mobile app reveal is the centerpiece of EquiLottery, we could probably stop this series right now. We are getting kind of hungry.
Relevancy isn’t just a reflection of what already is. It’s being unique enough to predict what will be. The fact that 71% of Millennials felt EquiLottery was “different than other lottery games” shows that they see our game as a new vision for lottery. Baby Boomers scored a still high 62% but the 9-percentage point difference between these generations is still a significant enough gap for us to call out. Nine points in an election is a landslide and its more than a comfortable margin in a study like ours.
But what really gets us excited about this portion of the study is the appeal of unpredictability. We’re going to chalk that up to the desire for authenticity that we heard throughout our six focus groups. Millennials are drawn to live events, not computer generated knock offs or machines that feel predetermined. The pieces of our game that make it such a unique offering in comparison to other lottery games are among the biggest pluses for this generation.
Every day with live horse racing, the field size is likely to be different. That means our top prize will vary as well. And the kids dig that difference 21 percentage points more than the Baby Boomer generation.
What if you have a horse that’s been scratched from the race at hand? You might think this is a negative for EquiLottery. Don’t worry, Millennials are all in, 16 percentage points more than the 55 and older crowd in fact.
And what about a race being cancelled due to weather complications? (No fretting lotteries, we have a solution to make sure that rarely, if ever happens. We want to make money that day too.) Isn’t that a bridge too far? No way says our 20 and 30something Americans. Receiving a free ticket for a future play is viewed as a favorable result by 70% of Millennials, a 13-percentage point bump on Boomers.
Are you starting to see a pattern here? Millennials aren’t looking for the same old lottery game. They want something exciting and they crave authenticity. Bring this generation something unpredictable that works in their day to day lives and watch them embrace the lottery in an unprecedented way. Deliver another X out of Y lottery balls game and continue to lose out on the largest generation in the history of America. Your pick. No pressure.


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