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Venez aux courses: A filly, her trainer and the dream

Horse racing Treve with her trainerThose of us fortunate enough to have horses in our lives know that these majestic animals can have a profound and lasting impact on us as people and especially on our health. Racing Future is focussed on growing the fan base for the sport of horse racing and we have also been shining a light on the health benefits of horse human interaction.  On Sunday, just outside Paris, on the site of the Canadian General Hospital during World War I, these two themes converged in a French filly called Treve and her trainer, Criquette Head-Maarek. 

At five years old, Treve is proving to be an exceptional race horse. In winning the Grand Prix de Saint-Cloud, against some very strong competition including the globetrotting Flintshire, Treve has now won her 6th Group 1 and seems on course to contest and win her third consecutive Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe later this year. Her life time earnings are now close to $9m and winning the Arc for an unprecedented third time would vault her into the sport’s equine immortals. 

Trained by Head-Maarek, on whose family farm she was bred and raised, Treve has become a vital symbol of French racing. Thousands of fans were on hand to watch the Saint Cloud and Treve is a bon a fide equine star with  

What makes the achievements of Treve and her connections even more special is the personal story of her Trainer who has survived a brain tumor and cancer. While some may say that divine intervention or miracles helped them recover from such close calls with death, Head-Maarek is certain of what helped her: her love of horses. 

"Horses were the cure when I was ill,” she told CNN last year. “I'm not scared of dying, I've had a fantastic life and don't have any worries.”

Head-Maarek’s belief that the love of horses can cure cancer is echoed in the dozens of stories of horses having positive impacts on many different kinds of health challenges from Alzheimer’s to autism and PTSD to stress and emotional problems and beyond.

It's clear from watching Head-Maarek with her beloved Treve that their bond is strong and the respect they have for each other is mutual. Here, in this French filly and her trainer, the horse human interaction is taking both to the greatest heights of their sport.

“There are no other words, it’s a dream,” Head-Maarek said in an interview on Sunday. “I’m living in paradise.”

Once she received the Saint Cloud trophy, Head-Maarek spoke with great excitement to Treve's fans: “Vous êtes fantastiques! Merci mille fois!” and further rallyed the crowd with “Venez aux courses!”

At Racing Future we believe in the horse human health connection and are excited to watch Treve and all of those involved with her care and training on their journey to Arc Number 3!

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