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Turkish Jockey Club opens third Horse Therapy Centre

Turkish Jockey Club opens third Horse Therapy CentreThe Turkish Jockey Club (TJK) has opened a third horse therapy center for children with disabilities in the Şirinyer Hippodrome in the Aegean Sea city of Izmir. Izmir Deputy Governor Erol Türkmen, Provincial Director of National Education Ömer Yahşi, and the TJK President Yasin Kadri Ekinci all participated in the opening of the center alongside disabled children and their families.
Ekinci explained that his organization had received positive feedback from the first center they opened in Istanbul in 2015. He said that the Turkish Jockey Club hopes to continue opening similar therapy centers across the country.
Emphasizing that the centers have made substantial progress in the treatment and rehabilitation of a large number of disabled children, Ekinci outlined, "Using this method, it is possible to treat children with disabilities who cannot otherwise enter society."
He added that horse therapy must be done under the supervision of physiotherapists and doctors.