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Thoroughbred Daily News: EquiLottery Combines Lottery and Horse Racing

With the announcement last week that EquiLottery--a new lottery game melding the traditional lottery with horse racing--was available to states and provinces, the TDN sat down with EquiLottery President and CEO Brad Cummings to learn more about this unique potential revenue stream for the horse racing and lottery industries.

TDN: EquiLottery seems to be a win/win situation for horse racing. Is it as much of a win for the lottery? If so, why?

BC: It’s an absolute win for the lottery. It's bringing a new excitement to the lottery game. Currently, a lottery player has the option of a scratch off or a lottery ball going down a chute. The infusion and the excitement of horse racing to the lottery process offers some really obvious benefits to the lottery. Additionally, we have polling that shows 10 to 15% new players would join the lottery ranks--people that might not be drawn to the current lottery system, but because of the infusion and the excitement that racing provides they will be more likely to become lottery players. Any game or any product that could add 10 to 15% to the bottom line of a business is something that any business would want to look at. Additionally, we've been getting unsolicited phone calls and emails from lottery corporations around the country. Clearly, all three of those factors show that there is definitely a reason for lotteries to be engaged.

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Thoroughbred Daily News: EquiLottery Combines Lottery and Horse Racing

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