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Sudanese refugee rider recognised with Young Achiever Award in UK

Overcoming adversity in life and sport is something nearly everyone has to face, but aspiring jockey Abdulkareem Musa Adam has endured more than most would in several lifetimes. The 19-year-old has been nominated in the Young Achiever category for Wednesday's Daily Mirror Pride of Sport awards, and his life story should serve as an inspiration for others. Originally from Darfur in western Sudan, Adam suffered tragedy as a seven-year-old. While he and his brother attended to their cattle, his parents and two sisters were killed when their village was bombed in 2004.
Having fled to a refugee camp in neighbouring Chad, he then went to Libya two years later. When civil war broke out in the country he was arrested and badly beaten after refusing to take part in the war as a child soldier.
A foreign doctor helped Adam escape in the boot of his car and he left Libya on a humanitarian ship, arriving in France aged 15.
He then lived rough for 18 months before entering Britain as a stowaway on a lorry bound for Swindon. After he was granted asylum, attempts to study at the local college proved tough before he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.
But when Wiltshire social services put him in touch with ex-racehorse charity Greatwood last summer, Adam's life began to change for the better.

Sudanese refugee rider recognised in with Young Achiever Award in UK



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