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A special place where the therapists are horses

Horses human health a special place where the therapists are horsesSome might consider activities involving horses as being only for those with strong arms and legs. After all, these animals are large and the movies suggest that a John Wayne or Clint Eastwood type is required to control them. However, these movies don’t show the really special attributes of a horse that may be unknown to many: horses are ideal for providing equine therapy for people with a variety of special needs.
For example, a person who has trouble walking can gain strength and confidence through equine therapy. Sitting on a horse while the horse walks along is considered the closest you can get to the movements the human body makes when walking. This action helps stimulate the nerves and muscles involved with walking. There is said to be no gym equipment that duplicates the movements of a person’s walk better than sitting on a walking horse.
According to PATH, the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International, the benefits of therapeutic riding include promoting strength, flexibility, balance and coordination as well as boosting self-confidence and building self-esteem—essential components of any special needs program. Therapeutic riding can help improve walking, address autism, develop muscle tone or deal with bipolar disorder or even providing a recreational experience for the vision impaired.


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