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Secretariat's owner Penny Chenery talks horse racing and more

SecretariatHelen "Penny" Chenery is one of the most beloved figures in the storied history of U.S. Thoroughbred racing. With her father, Christopher Chenery, ailing, and her siblings interested in selling his Meadow Stable, Penny Chenery was determined to revive the operation as long as her father was alive. 
Christopher Chenery was one of the founders of the New York Racing Association, and the family's Meadow Stable had produced stars such as Hill Prince, Cicada and First Landing, but his health had deteriorated by 1968.
Penny Chenery subsequently assumed oversight of Meadow Stable and showed great business acumen in making several difficult decisions that paid off handsomely, including hiring Lucien Lauren as Meadow Stable's trainer.
Riva Ridge won the Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes in her family's silks in 1972, and the following year Secretariat became the first Triple Crown winner since Citation in 1948 when he won the Belmont Stakes by a remarkable 31 lengths.
Penny Chenery's determination to succeed and passion for the sport became a lasting impression from arguably the greatest U.S. Triple Crown sweep in the sport's history, which included Secretariat establishing record times in each of the three races.


I am in awe of you, Penny. My grandfather, Willie Primrose, was a jockey throughout the USA..loved it, rode some champions. I believe he worked for your stabled stables at one time. He died at 79,in Arcadia, working for champions. One horse. A Japanese horse kicked him in the jaw,it developed into cancer and he died, doing what hr loved. Thanks again. Carolsedpu

By carol "Primrose...

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