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Right To Ride: Kentucky Derby Museum To Celebrate Women Jockeys

By Maryjean Wall -- Who knew the “jockette” wave was here to stay when many in the 1970s thought it would soon go away. Or that a woman rider eventually would make it into the National Museum of Racing Hall of Fame. All anyone knew some 50 years ago was that a handful of women were turning tradition on its head by seeking jockey licenses to ride against men at pari-mutuel tracks. It is no small achievement that women riders are still here because as a group they went through a lot.
The Kentucky Derby Museum plans to take a look at women jockeys in a special show it is curating, titled “Right to Ride.” The opening was planned for late August but has been temporarily postponed, perhaps until September – Kentucky Derby month this year — due to COVID-19 concerns. When the show opens, visitors will get a glimpse back in time right down to constructed stage sets, or “built environment,” scenes depicting the late 1960s and 1970s when the phenomenon hit the sport.


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