Racing Future is determined to inspire a new generation of fans to enjoy the sport of horse racing.

Racing Future: Inspiring a new generation of horse racing fans

Racing Future is determined to inspire a new generation of fans to enjoy horse racing. We are proud to be a part of this process and are optimistic that our efforts, combined with the efforts of everyone in the horse racing community, can and will make the difference in reinvigorating the sport, which has a long and rich heritage and makes a significant economic impact throughout the province.

We are proud to have addressed the question What does integrating horse racing into the overall gaming strategy mean?” in A Submission by Racing Future on Implementing the Announced Integration of the Horse racing Industry into the Overall Ontario Gaming Strategy. In this report, Racing Future presented several easily implemented fan development initiatives including a horse racing lottery and the concept of multicultural festivals tied to race meets at Ontario tracks.

Racing Future is also proud of our efforts on behalf of the community and the racetrack at Fort Erie. We believe that Ontario must have more than one venue for Thoroughbred racing. To this end we partnered with Prime Advertising to develop the Fort Erie Celebrates the Year of The Horse proposal, which we believe meets all the criteria required to establish a Fort Erie festival meet as outlined in the Panel’s final report.

Racing Future has named one of our yearlings Yong Gan in honour of the Year of the Horse. Born Feb 23, 2013, Yong Gan is by Milwaukee Brew  out of Mamita Chula. The name Yong Gan 勇 幹 means “Brave” in Chinese. Racing Future will be following Yong Gan through his training and into his racing career and encouraging the public to follow his progress especially via Social Media.

Racing Future engaged the public repeatedly during the past year in our various initiatives that curated marketing, promotion, and fan development and retention ideas from across the global horse racing community. Some examples:

The Best Horse Racing Marketing Ideas – A large collection of horse racing marketing ideas from around the world. Response to this project was positive and extensive. We published many of the comments we received in Re-building the Sport of Horse Racing

Horse Racing Commercials from Around the World – A video  collection of great horse racing promotion TV ads from other countries.

The Kentucky Derby Canadian Connection – This contest showcased Canada’s Northern Dancer and his pedigree connections to the 2013 Derby. Winners who correctly predicted the winner of the Derby and his connection to Northern Dancer were awarded tickets to the Queen’s Plate. Racing Future was thrilled to give away 5 pairs of Queen’s Plate tickets in 2013.

Learn about Horse Racing – A collection of simple resources that an inexperienced fan could find helpful:

Horse Racing: Learning the Game

Horse Racing: Guide to Betting at the Track Infographic

Horse Racing: How to Bet at the Track (video collection)

Reading and Understanding a Race Program

Isn’t Horse Racing Just for Rich People?


Horse Racing Tracks and Clubs around the World – Horse racing is a truly global sport and Racing Future has compiled a list of tracks from around the world to help anyone make this connection. We have tied these into an interactive Pinterest board which locates tracks on a world map and, helpfully, includes dozens of visitor reviews via Foursquare integration.

Horse Racing & Technology – Racing Future continues to interview people whose companies are at the intersection of the sport and technology including Dave Williams of Betmix (betting software) and  Kenleigh Hobby of Equisight (HD Helmet cam)

Racing Future Celebrates – an ongoing series of profiles of leaders in horse racing and their positive contributions the sport. To date, we have profiled Sheikh Mohammed, E. P. Taylor, and Amy Zimmerman.

Horses and Human Health – Racing Future believes that one of the great missed opportunities in the sport of horse racing is our effort to help connect people to horses and to share stories about the profound impact that interaction with horses can have on human health. In this ongoing project, Racing Future is curating and sharing stories from around the world which show the effects of the horse-human connection.

Racing Future Radio - Racing Future has created a professional radio studio in Toronto as well as a fully functioning mobile unit, which will be sited at various race tracks on an as-needed basis. The central mission of Racing Future Radio is to share the potential of horse racing with a global audience. This will be achieved by providing interviews and commentary from around the world that will serve to market/showcase sport of horse racing both in Ontario and internationally. With all the equipment and programming on standby, this initiative is pending sponsorship.

Horse Racing: Inspiring a New Generation of Fans



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