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Open Letter on Horse Racing Integrity: Do or Die

Coalition for Horse Racing IntegrityOver the past three years at Racing Future, we have been very proud of the advocacy work we have undertaken for horse racing worldwide. As part of these efforts we have promoted many initiatives such as the best horse racing marketing ideas, Horses Art and Fashion, and the connection between horses and human health. Along the way, we have engaged with various individuals and organizations globally and have appreciated the support of our many patrons.
During our campaign, we have learned a great deal about diverse subjects including the importance of technology and how our sport must provide information and access in ways and means that the people we are all hoping to attract want and expect. Such learning prompted us to work through the process of making responsive and encouraged us to try to draw new fans into the sport through social media channels such as Facebook.
In the process of learning what our potential customers/fans want and demand, we have also finally come to the conclusion that the current pall/lack of excitement in the sport – in spite of the fabulous American Pharoah fairy tale story – is due to one single issue: integrity. To us nothing is of greater importance to the sport worldwide, but also, and perhaps especially here in North America (where virtually every horse races on Lasix), than the issue of animal welfare and drug free racing.
The importance of integrity was brought home to me recently by my very dear friend, Joe De Francis, whose family formerly owned the Maryland Jockey Club. Joe shared the research and the reasons for why racing needs to change direction in terms of integrity and a number of questions were finally answered. If you need further evidence that integrity is the key to changing our sport for the better and, in the process, to engaging new participants please read the attached .pdf and show your support for the Coalition for Horse Racing Integrity.
Thank you,
Dennis Mills


I support your ongoing effort to protect the integrity of horse racing that we all love, and to protect the welfare of those noble animals that give their all each racing day!

By Anonymous

this is a wonderful sport.the beauty and excitement of the horses is singular.ways must be found to bring new fans to the sport and I applaud your effort.

By phil pappalardo

I applaud your efforts trying to revitalize interest in horse racing. Horses are beautiful and gracious animals that deserve more attention as fit athletes (even the slower ones). Do not let this industry die.

By Becca

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