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New York State Gaming Commission to issue weekly reports from NYRA with detailed explanations of rulings, inquiries and objections

In response to a request from the New York State Gaming Commission, the New York Racing Fan Advisory Council today issued recommendations to increase transparency and reform Steward practices to further underscore the integrity of New York’s world-class horse racing. 

In response to a specific recommendation, the Commission will immediately begin posting online weekly reports from The New York Racing Association, Inc. (NYRA) tracks that include detailed explanations of any rulings, inquiries, claims of foul and more. The Commission is working with other tracks in the state to create similar reporting mechanisms, which will also be posted online on a weekly basis. 

“We are grateful to the Racing Fan Advisory Council – a group of dedicated volunteers who have a deep passion for the sport of horseracing – for providing these recommendations, which underscore the Commission’s commitment to transparency and accountability,” said Commission Chairman Mark D. Gearan. “We believe these measures will go a long way to strengthening the integrity of the sport in New York State.”

“I applaud the Racing Fan Advisory Council for putting forth responsive and sensible recommendations that will serve racing fans all over,” said Commissioner Crotty. “The Commission has taken the first step with weekly reports from NYRA and will soon roll out the reporting to Finger Lakes and harness tracks across the state.” 

“We were honored to be asked to provide ways to shed light on decisions that impact the betting public and all horse racing fans,” said Council Chairman Patrick Connors. “We believe these recommendations will further showcase New York as having the best overall racing product in the world.” 

In March 2014, Commissioner John A. Crotty cited the controversial disqualification of a winning horse at Gulfstream Park as an example of why racing fans need more information on how decisions are reached in the Stewards booth. The Commission agreed to explore the issue and called upon the New York Racing Fan Advisory Council to develop recommendations on how

best to increase transparency and public confidence in the sport. The Council’s recommendations were issued at today’s Commission meeting as part of their formal report from the past year.

The weekly reports, similar to those issued by the Hong Kong Jockey Club, will include: 

•       Detailed descriptions of any Stewards inquiries, claims of foul and/or incidents

•       Whether Stewards’ decisions are unanimous or majority-ruled

•       Statistics on the prior week’s races, including number of races, starters, conditions, etc.

•       Lists of horses claimed each day

•       Track handle including data on certain wagers

•       Information on any rulings issued each week

•       Statistics on racing equine fatalities

•       Links to video replays and results to each day’s races

The Council will work with the Commission to create a standardized report that is applicable to harness tracks. The Council will continue to explore and identify ways to increase transparency for Stewards and Presiding Judges at New York State tracks.

The Commission’s weekly reports will be posted at > Weekly Racing Reports.


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