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Minnesota Seeing Boom In Thoroughbred Breeding Industry

Charlie Smith and his wife, Terry Propps, are a team. Propps makes the breeding decisions and Smith does the training.

“Just a little family operation,” Smith said.

They’re from a little town in Texas called Annetta, but their horse is from right here in Minnesota.

“This is a little mare called Pecos, a little filly, two years [old],” Smith said, petting his prized horse’s face on a recent morning in the stable.

Pecos was born near Winona two years ago, the first time in 20-some years of doing this Smith and Propps have had horses born in Minnesota.

They’re among the growing number of owners who are deciding to bring their thoroughbred horses to Minnesota to give birth in the last two years, a development that’s had a big impact on the local thoroughbred breeding industry, and something that would have been hard to believe just three years ago.

“Bringing one up here to foal out was a little bit scary to us,” Smith said. “When you’ve got a pretty valuable mare, trying to deliver what you hope to be a pretty valuable foal, and you’re a little out of touch and out of the control of the situation. … So we went to some effort to make her Minnesota-bred.”

The effort was not without some motivation.

“Oh no question about that,” Smith said. “We wouldn’t have brought the horse all the way to foal out in Minnesota if it had not been for the Minnesota breeding situation.”

The Minnesota breeding situation in 2013 was offering something it had not in some time: hope.

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