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Mamita's Chica

Racing Future presents Mamita Chula giving birth to her Silent Name foal at 2:30 am on February 23rd 2015 in Uxbridge, Ontario.
Stakes raced with 6 wins in France and the United States, Silent Name is the number one Sunday Silence son outside of Japan and is now standing at Adena Springs.
Foals are born 320 to 360 days after mating and are either fillies (females) or colts (males). Our filly was born during one of the coldest winters on record here in Canada. The freezing temperatures are not a problem for horses giving birth as long as they have shelter, warmth, and veterinary assistance as needed. “Chica” is up and running about indoors with her Mamita, already showing off her natural talents!
Our thanks to Michael Boland, Dr. Michelle Travers, and Ruben Medrano.


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