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Kentucky Derby Stories: Don't Tell My Wife Stables

Kentucky Derby Stories: Don't Tell My Wife Stables "I was five years old the first time I came to the track and I just loved it. I'd sit in the paddock and watch the horse and I was enthralled by it," said Rob Slack, a partner in Don't Tell My Wife Stables. Ever since then Slack has been hooked on horses -- only this time it's with his his partners. The stables have eight founders in total, three of the eight owners are local.
"We would have a conference call every week and one of the guys that is a partner with us, Mike Alteri, is from Hartford, Connecticut. He would say, 'What ever you do, don't tell my wife,'" said Slack.
As they say, the rest is history. Don't Tell My Wife Stables was off to the races.
"The initial investment was around $1,500 and now My Boy Jack is valued at $3 million.


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