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The Impact on over 55,000 families in Ontario

Award winning cinematographer, Michael Boland, takes us into the home and workplace of a blacksmith and his family. One of over 55,000 families in Ontario that will immediately suffer due to the recent decision of the Ontario Government.


Worked at Woodbine most of my life since 1972 & still rely on it for income when my regular job is slow. Love the horses & the people here who dedicate their lives to this industry 7 days a week, up at 4:30 am til????& don't ever complain to one of 'em about being'd be talking to the wrong folks!! Cancellation of the Slots would just be devestating to the tracks and farms and animals of Ontario. Farms feed Cities but with all the foreclosures that would take place there soon won't be any left. First there was the follyful Greenbelt Law which prohibits farmers from deviding their land and severing& selling parts of it to help with income if need be. Imagine owning this beautiful piece of property or maybe one your Grandparents worked & handed dow, & you're not able to do a thing with it??? That's our Government...Take! Take! Take! with no consideration for the outcome.

By linda reid

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