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Horses improve health of elderly: riding surprise for 91 year old

Horses improve health of elderly
By Benjamin Wood
Barbara Wynn grew up riding her horse, Tony, & racing other children in her Layton neighborhood.
That was decades ago. But Friday, the 91-year-old saddled up once more at the National Ability Center in Park City. She spent a little less than an hour walking laps atop Rebekka “Dill,” a light brown Norwegian Fjord in that appeared in the film “The Thirteenth Warrior.”
“That was fun,” Wynn asserted after dismounting, “more fun fun than I’ve had in a long time.”
Wynn’s ride was part of a holiday shock organized by Canyon Creek Assisted Living & Memory Care in Cottonwood Heights where she lives. Canyon Creek, through a program called Tailored Preference, provides “mini Make-A-Wish” experiences for residents, program coordinator Randi Wilson said, as well as helping new residents acclimate to assisted living.