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Horses human health: healing horses changing lives

Horses Human Health: therapeutic riding program sees helping as a privilegeEUGENE, Ore. – A local nonprofit called RideAble celebrated its 20th anniversary Sunday not with cake, but with horses.Many people at the event said the horses at RideAble have changed people’s lives. The owner said being able to connect people with the horses for 20 years is such a privilege.

RideAble is an organization that focuses on helping disabled people. They provide basic horsemanship skill training in a safe environment for anyone with special needs.

“It’s like you see them go, ‘I got it,’ or just that little bit of pride they have in themselves. They many not say anything, but their shoulders are back and they walk out of here happy and they just feel really good. That’s the best,” Monica Liles, director of the RideAble program. 

“It has improved the community, or at least RideAble’s community. Everyone’s happier, no judgement, no fear, you can just be yourself,” said Courtney Scott, a RideAble volunteer.

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