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Horses help residents during hospital rehabilitation centre visit

The bond between patient and horse formed instantly when Trigger and his equine pals paid the Regional Rehabilitation Centre a visit. "They're beautiful horses," said Robert (Gibby) Gibson while feeding Trigger a piece of apple at Hamilton General Hospital on Tuesday. "I can't get over how good they are."

Sherry Carpenter shares some apple with Trooper, who visited the Regional Rehabilitation Centre at Hamilton General Hospital

Gibson, 72, of Caledonia, is recovering from a truck accident. He got to see the miniature horses on his very first day at the rehab centre, and can't wait to have his grandkids around the next time.


The horses' afternoon appearance in the Rehab Centre courtyard was arranged by Zachary's Paws for Healing. Patients from three floors were brought down, a few at a time, to see, pet, brush and feed the horses treats.
"I love it," says Jared Armstrong, who was visiting his brother Jamie at the centre. "It's the best therapy you can do, animals."