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Horses and human health: horses bringing peace and hope to veterans

Horses and human health: horses bringing peace and hope to veteransTHE calming power of horses is being used to bring peace and new hope to former servicemen’s lives.

Charity Salute is teaming up with Barden Lane Stables in Burnley to help armed forces veterans cope with their rehabilitation after the traumas of spending time in the world’s war zones.

The good cause, which is based in the Rachel Kay-Shuttleworth Building on Yorkshire Street, was started by two former soldiers, who admit many ex-service personnel leave the forces ‘unaware of the basic life skills they will require to cope in a busy society’.

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Many find themselves sleeping rough and falling into crime and addiction and the charity has a programme of re-education, basic life skills and giving them a safe place to live back on ‘Civvy Street’.

The father-of-two, of Burnley Road, Hapton, had a spinal operation last July and was left wheelchair bound with no feeling in his legs.

He said: “It got me out and about and gave me confidence not just with the horses but to do other things as well.

“I had left the forces three years ago but I had the operation last July and the past six months has been really hard, but Daniel and Salute gave me something to look forward to.”

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