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Horsepower: Horses can be friends, teachers and healers

Horse Power: horses helping peopleHorses are more than transportation, they can be friends, teachers and healers. No one knows that better than clinical psychologist Robert G. Magnelli. Magnelli uses horses in his practice. He calls the program Horsepower. Officially, it's called equine assisted psychotherapy and equine assisted learning. He says it works wonders for people suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, attention deficit disorder, depression, mental and physical abuse, substance abuse, relationship problems and many other psychological disorders.
The practice was formalized in 1999 when the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) was founded. Since then the Utah-based program has grown to include more than 600 programs with more than 4,200 members in 49 countries. EAGLA has a therapist licensing program and a code of ethics. Magnelli has an advanced license.
With his three horses — a Lipizzaner, an Andalusian and a quarter horse — Magnelli works with children, teenagers, adults, couples, parents, men's and women's groups, even active duty military personnel and their families. The results are dramatic. Read more


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