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Horse therapy: a remarkable method to treat anxiety and all sorts of distressors

Horses are being used to soothe and provide calming therapy to disturbed teenage Paris Jackson. The daughter of Michael Jackson has been undergoing therapy since June of 2013 when she attempted to take her life. Her father died tragically and Jackson has been thrown into the limelight relentlessly since that time.

Having horse therapy is a remarkable method to treat anxiety and all sorts of distressors since horses do not differentiate between people, make no judgments, ask only for kindness and are natural healers of grief and misery. . . .Lisa DeJaynes is a horse therapy expert and good friend of Jackson’s mother. She has said that the Alpine Academy “was safe and away from the cameras.” In this private environment, Jackson will be able to again bring her own life into focus and heal.

DeJaynes says, "Horse therapy keeps a person's mind occupied. They won't have to worry about their own problems, but concern themselves that the horse is being cared for and groomed properly. They will start talking to it as they're grooming or riding. It's empowering and gives them perspective on their own lives."

It is expected that Jackson will remain at Alpine Academy for a year.

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