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Horse Racing UK: Racing Welfare aims to investigate the use of equine assisted therapy

A pioneering project is currently being trialled in Newmarket which could see the development of a world leading centre providing equine therapy, using racehorses, for humans.

The two-year pilot project from town-based charity Racing Welfare aims to investigate the use of equine assisted therapy as a means of enhancing the wellbeing of people working in racing.

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The therapy project, known as Thoroughpeutics, is the brainchild of Racing Welfare’s addiction and recovery advisor Joe Carter and work on its development started at Newmarket’s British Racing School in December. Also involved in well-known horse therapist Michael Peace who originally began a career in racing back in 1984 as an apprentice jockey in Newmarket working for Luca Cumani and the late Michael Jarvis.

“Equine assisted therapy has proved incredibly valuable in other areas of society, and has been growing rapidly in regard over recent years,” said Joe. “It has helped people with bereavement, stress, injury, depression, dementia, addiction, relationships, anxiety, trust, work issues, and many other day to day challenges.

“We now have an opportunity to see how it could be specifically developed for us in racing; an industry based on our connection with horses.”

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