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Horse racing on the streets of London: plans underway

Not one but two companies are in competition to bring horseracing to the streets of London's city centre. Cycling and Formula One events have featured regularly on the streets of some of the world's biggest cities and now the prospect of horses thundering through London is a real possibility, with the BHA confirming it has spoken to the team behind one of the bids.
Racing consultant Johnno Spence suggested his company, which has held talks with the BHA, could have an event in London as early as September this year, while Olly Neil, behind a bid by GAG 403 Limited, said they were hoping to announce in the first quarter of this year the venue for their inaugural event in 2018.
Neil said: "We will create a global circuit of horseracing events with high-quality local horses thundering down iconic city streets ridden by the world's top jockeys. We're going to do for horseracing what Twenty20 has done for cricket and 3x3 for basketball - reinterpreting the Sport of Kings for a young urban audience and dialling up on technology, entertainment, excitement and energy."

Horse racing on the streets of London: plans underway

Spence, whose rival bid goes under the name City Racing, said: "We're looking into a city-centre international racing series, which is very exciting, but first we need to get the commercial model in place. We're working with an industry-backed consortium looking to run under the rules of racing and we're at quite an advanced stage.
"We could have our first event in London as early as September this year, with the series expanding around the world over the next few years."


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