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Horse Racing Marketing: Interview with CEO of Great British Racing

In an interview published on January 7th 2014, CEO of Great British Racing, Rod Street, comments on the challenges faced by British horse racing in recent years and the marketing efforts initiated to make the sport of horse racing relevant in the crowded world of leisure and entertainment options. Some key points made during the interview include the need:

- to have a dedicated promotion team in place 

- to involve young people at every opportunity, including Student Days, the use of Social Media and creation of innovative campaigns such as the Tweet Lady racehorse initiative

- to get horseracing noticed in the mainstream press through a variety of means including the use of promotional "quirky" stories

- to encourage and facilitate non-horse people to learn about and connect with actual horses

- to focus on the horse, particularly on horse celebrities such as Frankel, and promote these as much as possible

- to focus on the customers and their racetrack experience, which shows that more people will come out for a day at the races when racetracks "do a thousand things better."





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