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Horse Racing: Learning the Game

Horse Racing: Get in the Game

Becoming a Horseplayer

You may not have grown up going to the racetrack but if you are an adventurer who enjoys gaming, sports, and analysis, the game of horse racing is one you should try. Successful horse playing will put you in the centre of a great social experience where you can pit your analytical skills against your peers and potentially win at one of the world's oldest sports games.

Handicapping Horse Races

One of the first things to learn about betting on horse racing is that moving beyond quick picks or lottery-type betting involves handicapping. The term “handicapping” refers to the practice of assigning advantages and disadvantages in sports gaming based on a variety of factors.

In horse racing these factors or variables could affect the race outcome such as the number of races the jockey, trainer and horse have won, the condition of the track and its surface, the horse’s pedigree or breeding, and the distance of the race to name but a few. Understanding how these variables interact can have an impact on the success of your bets at the track. These variables are also why horse racing betting is very much a game. When playing at the track, you are betting against other players' handicapping abilities and betting that you have the best understanding of the variables involved and will therefore make the best -- winning -- picks. 

Horse Racing Betting Resources

Learning how to play the game of horse racing is not difficult. There are many resources available, particularly online, to help anyone learn how to handicap.

How to bet on horse racing – some basics of horse race gaming

Horse Racing Betting: What is a Carryover?

Understanding the race program – a breakdown of the information contained in a standard racing program

Horse racing betting with handicapping software – our interview with Dave Williams, head of BetMix, the software application that offers automated handicapping

Horse racing racetracks and clubs from around the world 

Go Racing Ireland's Guide to Betting

British Horse Racing Authority: Easy Guide to Betting on Course

Hong Kong Jockey Club Beginner's Guide to Betting

Australia: Making a Bet

France Galop - Practical Guide to Betting


Horseplayer Resources


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