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Horse Racing Integretation: EquiLottery is Critical to Horse Racing

Those of us that care and are determined to help re-build the fan base for the sport of horse racing have a new product to champion: EquiLottery. This "Greatest $2 in Sports" is the best idea I've seen in ten years for implementing Premier Kathleen Wynne's commitment of fully integrating horse racing with the province's overall gaming strategy.

EquiLottery is critical for our sport because it markets horse racing to new fans while also contributing to the Treasury. We all understand that without fans we have no business. Everyone in Ontario horse racing should rally behind Brad Cummings and EquiLottery to ensure this lottery product is made available at all 10,000 Ontario Lottery and Gaming terminals as soon as possible.

What you can do:

Let's make sure we do all we can to support our sport through this initiative!

Thank you, 

Dennis Mills
President & CEO
Racing Future Inc




i was wondering how the money would be destributed between the 3 types of horse racing,quarterhorse,thoroughbred,standardbred .and who would control this money?how long would it take to get money into the industry?
thank you Rebecca Glover

By rebecca glover


Thank you so much for your interest and taking time to ask a very good question.

We would create an equitable calendar of racing, most likely based on percentage of race dates per track. Every eligible track and breed will get a piece of the calendar for EquiLottery. And of course, the money goes to the track that is featuring the EquiLottery race of the day so that's how the different breeds would make their money.

Hope that helps!

Brad Cummings
President & CEO

By Brad Cummings

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