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April 4th 2015 . . .Over the last few days, many elected officials and lobbyists have approached Racing Future for information about the sport of horse racing in Ontario. Consequently, we are re-posting the components of our advocacy, which began in 2012 during the closure of the Slots at Racetrack Program. We invite those legislators and lobbyists who are interested in backgrounders to read through these materials; we welcome all questions, comments, and ideas.


In March 2012 the Ontario government of Premier Dalton McGuinty announced that, as proposed to it by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission, it was cancelling the Slots at Racetracks Program (SARP) effective March 31, 2013 as part of a purported “modernization” of the Ontario gaming system. The government indicated that the horse racing industry’s share of slots revenues – $345 million in 2011-12 – would be directed to other public priorities such as health care and education.

The withdrawal of the crucial revenues from this successful partnership directly threatened not only the viability of the racetracks but also the full- and part-time jobs and the futures of some 55,000 people who work in the sector. Moreover, due to the size and importance of the industry to Ontario’s economy as a whole, the spin-off effects of the government’s action were certain to far exceed the immediate results identified.

Because of this unexpected crisis,  Racing Future was asked by the horse racing community to step forward and serve as an advocacy voice throughout Ontario for the government to reconsider the impacts of its move and put in place a viable plan to safeguard and sustain the future of this important industry and the hard-working Ontarians who comprise it.

During this advocacy journey, Racing Future has employed a variety of educational tools and resources including advertising, press releases, videos, interviews, and reports, papers and statements.

Press Releases

Open letter sent to Ontario Premier McGuinty about the destruction of Ontario horse racing industry, June 22, 2012

Three in Four Ontarians want the Slots-at-Racetracks Program Decision Reviewed; Only 17% support the McGuinty Government's Decision to Cancel the Program, August 16, 2012

Racing Future Response to Horse Racing Industry Transition Panel - Interim Report, Slots at Racetracks Program, August 24, 2012

Ontario Government taking positive steps towards a resolution with the Sport of Horse Racing, October 30, 2012

Ontario Liberal Party leadership candidates speak out on safeguarding province's horse racing and breeding industry, December 21, 2013

Racing Future CEO hails apparent breakthrough toward stabilizing Ontario Horse Racing Industry, January 23, 2013

Racing Future President hails Premier Wynne's announcement of new agreements to safeguard future of Fort Erie, Flamboro Downs and Georgian Downs, March 26, 2013

Racing Future Releases Submission on Implementing the Announced Integration of the Horse Racing Industry into the Overall Ontario Gaming Strategy, May 3, 2013


Faces from the Track: Meet some of the people whose jobs are at risk

Dennis Mills talks with Jim Richards on Newstalk 1010

Dennis Mills talks with John Oakley on AM640

Q & A: Ray Paulick with Dennis Mills, November 2012

TVO Agenda Plus with Dennis Mills & John Snobelen: Q&A on Horse Racing Industry, March 12, 2013


Fort Erie Race Track Press Conference, March 28, 2013

Premier Wynne announces way forward for Ontario horse racing, March 8, 2013

Charles Sousa: Public Position on Ontario Horse Racing

Glen Murray: Public Position on Ontario Horse Racing

Kathleen Wynne: Public Position on Ontario Horse Racing

Harinder Takhar: Public Position on Ontario Horse Racing

Gerrard Kennedy: Public Position on Ontario Horse Racing

Horsemens' Rally at Queen's Park, August 31, 2012

The Majesty of the horse

A Call to Action

Papers, Statements, Advertising

Open Letter to Premier Dalton McGuinty, June 2012

Racing Future Billboard Locations, Summer 2012

Save Canadian Racing Campaign (in partnership with Daily Racing Form), October 2012

Farmers and Horses 1st, Casinos 2nd! November 2012

Politics and Horse Racing . . . I Got Goosebumps! January 2013

Racing Future's Campaign for Canadian Horse Racing, January 2013

Musings of a Convention Rookie, January 2013

Winning through education, respectful dialogue, and quiet persistence, January 2013

Racing Future Advocacy Progress Report, February 2013

Ontario Horse Racing Debate: A First Visit to Queen's Park, March 2013