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Horse has calming effect on cancer patient

Horses and Human Health 

Here's a story from England showing how horses can have a great impact on human health!

Healing horses: Ed the Horse has calming effect on cancer patient

Catriona Craig was visited at St Richard's Hospice by 20-year-old Ed, a horse she has been riding "for a long time" in a trip organised by her husband David and Ed's owner.

During the visit, Mrs Craig, who has breast cancer, fed Ed mints and petted the former event horse.

The hospice said such visits were "calming" for patients. 

'Good feelings'

Mrs Craig, from Malvern, has been a patient at the hospice for two weeks.

She has been riding from a young age and at one time made her living from schooling horses in the US.

She said: "I've been around horses all my life. They are special and good to be around.

"Being with horses gives you good feelings."

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