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Hall of Fame Jockey Gary Stevens Retires

Hall of Fame Jockey Gary Stevens RetiresHall of Fame jockey Gary Stevens on Tuesday said he is retiring immediately from riding after doctors informed him he has a spinal injury that could lead to a far more serious issue if he were to fall. “I had an MRI on Monday and the C-4 is up against the spinal cord,” Stevens said of his examination with Dr. James Tibone. “Tibone didn’t mince any words. He said, ‘You’re done.’”
“There won’t be any comeback from this one,” Stevens said, laughing.
Stevens was injured in the post parade on Saturday at Del Mar and said: “My right arm went numb. It was almost like a whiplash effect.”
Stevens rode one more race on Saturday, but took off his lone mount on Sunday. At the time he thought he merely had a pinched nerve in his neck, but the examination with Tibone showed otherwise.
“I’m done doing what I did,” said Stevens, whose most recent time in the saddle came after undergoing both hip and knee replacements. “I was getting close anyway. Now it will be time to pursue other things, but thank God I’m not in a wheelchair.
“I don’t know if this was something that was brewing, but my arm went numb and I’ve got tingling now in both hands, and the base of my skull feels like a coffee pot got put on it.”
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