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The Greatest missed opportunity in the sport of horse racing

The great response to our blog post about the amazing two-time Arc champion Treve and her trainer, cancer survivor Criquette Head-Maarek, demonstrated once again that many horse lovers and horse racing fans believe as we do, that horses can have a profound effect on human health. 
There are many examples to add to Treve and Criquette’s including that of U.S. breeder and owner Morton Fink. At 83, with various health challenges, Fink credits his two time Horse of the Year, Wise Dan, with helping him live longer. Much has also been said about the relationship between the great Frankel and his U.K. trainer, Sir Henry Cecil, who told interviewers that Frankel helped him through chemotherapy treatments for stomach cancer. No doubt there are others.
At Racing Future we believe that demonstrating what these stories show -- the impact horses have on people generally and on human health specifically -- is one of the greatest missed opportunities in the sport of horse racing. 
Beyond our sport, stories about the healing connection between people and horses are too numerous to tell. Racing Future has been curating these for some time and we now have quite a collection. One of the most striking aspects of this “library” is the variety of challenges that horses are having positive effects upon, including autism, PTSD, Alzheimers and dementia, addiction, behaviour and emotional problems, cancer, psychological issues, and physical abilities to name but a few.
In celebration of the horse and the many people involved in helping horses help people, Racing Future went into our vault to showcase our top ten stories about Horses and Human Health. Do you have a favourite?

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