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Getting a Flying Start: Darley's Horse Racing Management Program

By Amanda Duckworth

Like millions of girls before her, Brittlan Wall can't remember when she fell in love with horses. If you force her to answer the question, she will tell you she was born loving them.

But unlike many girls who left horses behind for other pursuits, Wall never did. As a result, in a month, the now 22-year-old young woman will embark on a chance of a lifetime as part of the newest class of the Darley Flying Start program.

The racing industry has a reputation for being hard to break into. If you love it, you better hope you were born into it. However, 10 years ago Sheikh Mohammed founded Darley Flying Start to help young, motivated thoroughbred enthusiasts get a jump start on a career in the industry.

The management training program lasts for two years, and each class is made up of only 12 students. The students accepted into the scholarship program spend time in Ireland, England, the United States, Australia, and Dubai while learning about all facets of racing at its highest levels. And they do it on Sheikh Mohammed's dime.

As you might imagine, getting into the program is not easy. Everyone who is accepted brings something a little different to the table, but they clearly must have the mark of a future leader.

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