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Equine therapy helping men recover from drug addiction

Equine therapy helping  men recover from drug addictionA new program is helping men recover from drug addiction by interacting with horses. The 16-week program pushes the men to get out of their comfort zones and helps them realize what they can achieve, as they try to restart their lives.Each Saturday, nine men from Progress House head to the Agape arena in Cicero. Progress House is one of Indianapolis' oldest drug addiction recovery centers. The men were chosen because they were considered "at risk." The participants go through exercises that help them realize the external and internal resources available to them as they fight their addictions. The goal is to teach them how to lead a horse.
Scott Lyons is among those in the class.
"You can’t hide anything from these animals," Lyons said. "It helps you get out of yourself and zone in on what I need to work on."
Lyons said he struggled with drugs and bad behavior in the past. Now, he says he wants to lead a lawful, healthy life.
"There’s no judgment, we’re all on the same page," Lyons said. "We are all here with one common goal and that’s to better ourselves to get reintegrated back into society."