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Dubai World Cup: Over 1b TV viewers over the last three years

Dubai: More than one billion people have watched the Dubai World Cup in the last three years and that number will only continue to grow, according to the company responsible for producing the international programme for the event for the past 17 years.

Working with Dubai Racing Club and world feed broadcaster Dubai TV, Sunset+Vine syndicate to more than 23 broadcasters across 134 countries, penetrating 300 million-plus households last year.

It’s the job of Andrew Piller, Sunset+Vine’s commercial director and international managing director, to keep those figures rising.

In order to do that, Piller, whose Sunset+Vine has won 35 broadcasting awards packaging the English Premier League, Premiership Rugby and Volvo Ocean Race, is now targeting new markets, while improving feeds to existing regions.

“One approach is to get into new markets and the other is to get broadcasters in existing markets to present their own show on site using the world feed, topped and tailed with their own production,” said Piller.

“If they are on site, what was a priority for satellite will become as much of a priority for terrestrial. And if broadcasters were willing to spend more on their own presentations, I’m sure they would spend an equal amount on marketing to ensure an audience comes to it.”

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