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Dubai World Cup: An Interview with a Meydan Farrier

By Fran Jurga

The emirate of Dubai is a tiny speck on the map, but it is growing into one of the world’s premier destinations for farriers and innovations in hoofcare. Saturday’s Dubai World Cup races in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) brought not just the world’s best horses and trainers and jockeys to the tiny desert nation; it brought farriers and some horses left with more interesting equipment on their hooves than when they arrived.

It matters what is on a horse’s feet on race day in Dubai. The flagship new racecourse at Meydan has very strict shoeing rules that are enforced. From the time a foreign horse arrives from the airport, its feet are under scrutiny before it can race on the Tapeta artificial-surface track or the wide, long turf oval.

When you’re looking for farriers at Meydan, you could be confused by the signs; the main restaurant is called “Farriers”.

British farrier Michael Hunt is the quarantine barn farrier in Dubai; you’d also have found him in the paddock on World Cup day. He shared some information about shoeing rules in quarantine for horses that have to be kept separate on arrival.

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