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Dubai World Cup 2014: With our horses we unite the world

Dubai World Cup 2014: "With our horses we unite the world" shows how horses and our relationship with them has brought us together throughout history.

مرة أخرى مع خيلنا نوحد العالم، كأس دبي العالمي 2014

From Dubai Media Incorporated

  • Creative Director/ Concept, Director, Executive Producer and Post: Fadi Izzaldin
  • Head of Production Unit: Fatma Taymour
  • Voice over script: Fadi Izzaldin /Marion Altieri
  • DOP: Franco Paroni
  • Producer and first AD: Hisham Ramadan
  • Production Manager: Yaser Hasan
  • 3D City: Sami Fredlerik Jean Tawil
  • Storyboard: Khuloud Ali Obaid AL-Ali
  • Wardrobe/ stylist: Ramia Al Hadad



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