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CTHS Ontario Call to Action of Breeders for Horse Racing

We understand the impact of the pandemic to horse racing in Ontario is devastating to the entire horse industry. With reference to my message below to all of you, I first want to acknowledge that our main concern is the safety and health of all participants and the overall well-being of the public health. There are tens of thousands of participants that rely on racing to care for their horses and various jobs related to horse racing and agriculture throughout rural Ontario and we need to come together to help our industry at this critical time.
Jim Lawson, CEO of Woodbine, has asked all horse industry participants to bring awareness and recognition to the plight of the industry in Ontario. While being respectful of the guidance of our health authorities, we need our government to give the horse industry full consideration as it plans the next phases of the health lockdown. The government needs to understand the immensity of the number of people they're impacting and be cognizant of the financial and mental health consequences. Breeders are getting out of the business because of so much uncertainty and worry about additional financial liability, which will affect racing and the horse industry in the near future.
We can all agree that purse monies and Woodbine are the economic driver of the horse industry in Ontario, with success measured and derived by mutuel handle. Breeders have billions of dollars of investment in livestock and farmlands and are the vital industry partner and sector of manufacturing the product for the industry. We need all sectors/partners of the entire industry to perform and successfully work together to have a vibrant prosperous horse industry.
As members of the CTHS (ONT), and the horse industry in Ontario, I am asking you to please support our industry by writing to your elected MPP's to bring awareness and a consistent approach in an effort to allow the resumption of the professional sport of horse racing in Ontario. The continuation of live racing generates supplemental funding through mutuel handle directly to support the breeding and racing programs of the horse industry rooted in rural Ontario. The industry has shown it can operate safely and successfully and is prepared to adhere to any and all new governmental health protocols and operational procedures that could be implemented for racing to operate in Ontario.
A list of MPP's and contact information will be posted on our website. In addition a form letter will be posted if you need assistance with content and messaging. Below is also a list of key MPP decision makers that I advise should be copied.
Peter Berringer


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