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Cindy's Story from Racing Future's Campaign for Canadian Horse Racing

I joined Racing Future's campaign to help advocate on behalf of the industry because I am passionate about horse racing. Here are a few of my favourite memories from the Liberal Leadership Convention, which I attended as a delegate so that I could have a direct impact on the people currently making the decisions about sustaining the indudstry in Ontario:

Drinks at the Hair of the Dog with fellow horse industry members who braved the cold to support “Farmers & Horses 1st,Casinos 2nd” by rallying outside the convention. I witnessed dedication, determination and camaraderie as we worked towards a common goal. It was great to see connections being made between the horse racing people and those who joined us at our tables: Horse Racing Transition Panel member, John Wilkinson, who was also co-chair of Kathleen Wynne's campaign; Ted McMeekin, the Minister of Agriculture; and, Kathleen Wynne. Watching everyone shake hands and chat for a few moments was pretty amazing or as one member of the Racing Future team put it, "This is huge!" 

Watching one of the Racing Future team members start up a conversation with Kathleen Wynne in the Golden Griddle restaurant across from Maple Leaf Gardens. She strategically got her interest and then, at the opportune time, we asked her about Farmers and Horses 1st.  Kathleen assured us that she would work towards the sustainability of the horse racing industry. That was cool. 

Being part of the positive energy created during Kathleen’s speech and video. She nailed it!

The feeling of utter disappointment when Takhar endorsed Sandra Pupatello.  The waiting in suspense for what the other candidates would do and then the indescribable excitement and relief when Charles Sousa and Gerrard Kennedy marched there troops across the floor towards Kathleen.  We won!