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Casino, horse racing reps pitch gambling to Georgia House panel

Georgia has yet to expand legal gambling beyond the lottery, but that isn’t stopping a three-day parade of representatives from the world’s gaming industry from pitching their businesses to state lawmakers.
One after another, operators of casinos and representatives from the horse racing industry told a panel of lawmakers on Tuesday why they thought Georgia needs to allow their business to come to the state. Legislators will get an even bigger earful Wednesday and Thursday.  
House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Brett Harrell, who is one of a trio of chairmen overseeing a House panel tasked with examining the economic benefits of allowing gambling in the state, said the meetings won’t focus on whether Georgia should expand gaming.
“The committee’s focus is not to debate issues on whether or not a specific industry ought to be welcome into the state,” the Snellville Republican said. “Our focus is to compare impacts to existing business and quality of life as we look at new industries, new revenue streams (and) new investment in the state of Georgia.”
Various gambling bills have struggled to gain traction in recent years in the Georgia Legislature.


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