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Canada's Emma-Jayne Wilson in Glamour UK Magazine

Canada's jockey Emma-Jayne Wilson (Photo: Dave Landry)Every week, GLAMOUR UK is interviewing an awesome woman in sport, as part of our Say No To Sexism In Sport campaign. Today, it's award-winning jockey Emma-Jayne Wilson. She has over 1,200 victories to her name - and was part of the first all-female team to take part in an international jockey's competition at Ascot. 

What do you love most about being a jockey?

"Without a doubt my first love is the horse. You're a team; you compete with them. There's such a powerful synergy that you don't get in any other sport.

"I also get lots of opportunities to travel - racing is such an international sport. I live in Canada but I often travel to Hong Kong, the US, and England for races. It's a real adventure."

What has been your career highlight?

"Competing at Ascot racecourse has been a huge highlight as it's the biggest racing stage in the world. When I was first invited to compete at Ascot in the Dubai Duty Free Shergar Cup back in 2006 I felt so honoured, especially as I was still an apprentice. I was a little star struck.

"Six years later, in 2012, I returned as an experienced jockey to compete in the first ever all-female team, along with Hayley Turner and Chantal Sutherland. We wanted to prove ourselves - and to show everyone what female jockeys are capable of.

"I competed for The Girls Team again in the 2014 Shergar Cup. I was so hungry for the win; the fact that we were only two points off victory was huge. My plan is to come back this year and win!"

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