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American Pharoah in Vogue Magazine

American Pharoah, the Historic Triple Crown Winner, Weighs His Options for One More Run for GloryWhat do you do after you’ve really done it all—which, in American Pharoah’s case, means being the first horse in 37 years to win the Triple Crown?
You can, of course, head out to rest, along with the other things that horses do when they are put out to pasture—this Thoroughbred’s breeding rights were sold even before his win at the Belmont Stakes. Or you can saddle up for the paddock one more time. The owner of American Pharoah, Ahmed Zayat, was saying the other day that he is inclined toward the latter.
“We want to cap his racing career with something that’s never been done in the history of sports,” Zayat told me. He was talking about winning the Breeders’ Cup in October—a feat that, in combination with a Triple Crown win, has been deemed the Grand Slam. But while Grand Slam bets are already being taken, Pharoah’s participation is by no means a sure thing.
“We don’t know yet,” says his trainer, Bob Baffert, who, with his standout mane of white hair and his decades spent training America’s fastest and finest horses (he’s won four Kentucky Derbies, six Preakness Stakes, and two Belmont Stakes, to name a few), likes the idea of maybe trying a couple of races, but nothing’s set in stone. “I’m letting the horse dictate where we’ll run,” Baffert says. “I feel like I owe it to him.”


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