Racing Future is determined to inspire a new generation of fans to enjoy the sport of horse racing.

About Racing Future

Racing Future Purpose

Racing Future's principle purpose or "raison d'etre" and entire marketing and communications thrust is to motivate and inspire a new generation of fans to get involved in and support horse racing - the Sport of Hope. 

Horse Racing for Everyone

As with any sport or entertainment today horse racing has attracted its share of extremely wealthy participants and is frequently called "the sport of kings." Simply put, this is a misnomer: horse racing is now --and always was in the past -- a principal sport and way of life for thousands of people around the world who are definitely not "kings" in terms of their wealth and social status. From fractional race horse owners to jockeys, grooms, and stable workers to eager fans placing a $2 bet, horse racing is one of the world's oldest sports with a deep and rich heritage.

Horse Racing Industry Economic Impact

Statistics and reports show that horses and horse racing make enormous cultural and economic contributions to communities throughout the world. In the past, horse racing in many parts of the world enjoyed a greater audience than it does today. Our goal at Racing Future is to re-invigorate the audience and grow the fanbase. As part of this endeavour, we believe that a truly missed opportunity in the sport is the acknowledgement and celebration of the link between horses and human health. By this we are referring to both the preventative and curative reactions experienced by those fortunate enough to interact with horses. Racing Future has begun curating the many, many examples of this on our site as well as on our Pinterest.

Racing Future 2012-13 Advocacy Campaign for Canadian Horse Racing

While always working to encourage new fans, in 2012/13 Racing Future was asked to assist and respond to the crisis created by the Slots at Racetracks Program cancellation in Ontario, Canada. To see steps along the way in our campaign, please visit our Advocacy page.

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Racing Future is determined to inspire a new generation of fans to come out to the track. Join us in ensuring horse racing has a future. Ask us anything, share your thoughts through our contact page