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2014 is The Year of the Horse. . . Introducing Yong Gan 勇 幹

Yong Gan

Every twelve year cycle of the Chinese calendar is represented by an animal and, for horse lovers around the world, 2014 is a special year because it is the Year of the Horse.

The Horse has a strong, ethical character, and is very social and generous yet disciplined.  While innovative, the Horse is also a practical problem-solver who never gives up.

Racing Future is pleased to introduce Yong Gan, our yearling we have named in honour of the Year of the Horse. Born Feb 23, 2013, Yong Gan is by Milwaukee Brew out of Mamita Chula. The name Yong Gan 勇 幹  means “Brave” in Chinese.

Racing Future will be following Yong Gan through his training and into his racing career. Check or sign up to receive updates updates on Yong Gan’s progress!

How will you celebrate the Year of the Horse? What are your ideas for celebrating the Year of the Horse? Get in touch to share your thoughts.