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‘My horse saved my life’ says teen rider later diagnosed with heart condition

‘My horse saved my life’ says teen rider later diagnosed with heart conditionA 17-year-old student believes her horse may have “saved her life” after an undiagnosed heart condition caused her to lose consciousness in a field. Jemima Lailey was bringing in her six-year-old ex-racehorse Matrix (pictured) on October 30 when she collapsed, passing out for around ten minutes. Matrix, who lives out, has to be kept on his own but was being led through a field with 10-15 other horses at the time.
“He’d walked over to the gate and was just stood there when someone spotted him and realised his head collar was on and he wasn’t where he should be,” said Jemima.
“He lives in a field next to the herd because he is riggy due to being cut late, and has been known to try and mount the mares, and he also has a reputation for kicking.
“It was out of character for him to walk calmly past any horse, let alone a field full.
“If he hadn’t have stood there, no one would’ve come out for at least another hour, so God knows how long I would’ve been lying there for.”
After regaining consciousness, Jemima was helped back to the yard where her pulse was found to be racing so an ambulance was called.